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Plastic surgery is a deeply personal experience that can transform people’s lives.

For many, it is a path to improved confidence and self-esteem, critical to aligning the way you feel on the inside with the way you feel on the outside.

MultiCare Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery offers a full spectrum of cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery options for the face, body and breasts, as well as less invasive medical aesthetic procedures from some of the most experienced surgeons in the region. We stand ready to help you achieve your goals so you look — and feel — your best, in a welcoming setting that ensures your privacy and satisfaction.

Our Surgeons

Roy Semlacher, MD, FRCSC 2

Roy Semlacher, MD, FRCSC

Medical Director, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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Christine Puig, MD, FRCSC 1

Christine Puig, MD

Facial Plastic Surgery, Medical Aesthetics & Otorhinolaryngology
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Jennifer's Story

After breastfeeding her third baby, Jennifer Sesser felt a bit discouraged. “I loved my breasts when I was nursing,” she says. But post-weaning, her breasts felt like shadows of their former selves.

“I just felt like after three kids my breasts were deflated,” she says. “I needed them, mentally and physically, to be better.” Breast augmentation gave Sesser exactly what she needed to feel like herself again.
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Vivian's Story

For Vivian Campbell, plastic surgery was about more than looking good. It was about seeing well.

Campbell had blepharoplasty, commonly known as an eyelid lift, with Christine Puig, MD, when she realized her sagging lids were impeding her vision. “I recognized that I was struggling to see well when I was driving,” Campbell says. “My peripheral vision had some significant impairment related to my eyelids.”

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