Many people are insecure about the appearance of their nose, or its proportion relative to the rest of their face. If you are seeking a way to reshape or resize your nose, rhinoplasty can help you feel confident about your overall appearance.

What benefits can rhinoplasty give me?

Benefits rhinoplasty may provide patients include:

  • Increasing or decreasing the size of the nose.
  • Giving the nostrils a new shape.
  • Reducing the nasal tip.
  • Reducing the bridge.
  • Enhancing the balance and harmony between other facial features.
  • Having a positive effect on overall facial aesthetics.
  • Correcting breathing problems associated with a deviated septum.

In some cases, rhinoplasty can help a patient’s breathing function by correcting blockage of the nasal airway passages. Nose surgery can also be beneficial for drooping and weakened cartilage.

Keep in mind that rhinoplasty may not fully correct natural asymmetry, prevent further aging or create a “perfect” nose.

What can I expect during a rhinoplasty procedure?

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation, and patients usually go home the day of surgery.

Rhinoplasty is performed either using a closed procedure, where incisions are hidden inside the nose, or an open procedure, where the incision is made across the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils.  Through these incisions, the skin that covers the nasal bones and cartilages is gently raised, allowing access to reshape the structure of the nose.

Once the underlying structure of the nose is sculpted to the desired shape, nasal skin and tissue is redraped and incisions are closed.

What can I expect during recovery?

For a few days, splints and gauze packing may support the nose as it begins to heal. Most patients can resume normal activity and light exercise one to two weeks after surgery. Bruises typically clear up within three weeks of the procedure, while swelling reduces within two months.

Is nose surgery right for me?

To determine whether or not rhinoplasty is the right procedure for you, schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. During your visit, your doctor will speak with you about the goals you have for your appearance.

Before making recommendations, your plastic surgeon will also perform a face and neck exam to assess skin type, skin laxity and bone structure. Bring a list of medications, supplements and vitamins you take, and have a list prepared of the questions or concerns you may have. Being open with our specialists is key to a safe and successful rhinoplasty.


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Billie's Story

Billie Langford had hated her nose her whole life.

“It was just one of those things you just live with,” she says, explaining that rhinoplasty just never rose to the top of her priority list.

But then she started seeing a new dentist who pointed out that the biggest problem wasn’t how her nose looked, but how it worked.
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